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While many contemporaries mourned the fate of blasted lands along the front lines, the natural world often remains a voiceless casualty of war in current scholarship. With ravaged farmlands, charred trees, and muddy quagmires as iconic images of the conflict, we have tended to take for granted the place and role of nature. History books typically regard the environment as the backdrop for battle or as collateral damage, if they consid…

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On the Western Front during the First World War, the military employed specialist miners to dig tunnels under No Man's Land. The main objective was to place mines beneath enemy defensive positions. When it was detonated, the explosion would destroy that section of the trench.

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Definition of no man's land in the Idioms Dictionary. no man's land phrase. What does no man's land expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

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I was asked to take out a patrol of seven men: duties - get out to the position of the German listening post, wait for their patrol and 'scupper' it; also discover what work is being done in their trenches. I choose my favourite corporal and my six most intelligent and courageous men. Bayonets are examined to see if they slip out of the scabbard noiselessly; my revolver is nicely oiled; all spare and superfluous parts of equipment is l…

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Reproduced below are the lyrics to The Rose of No Man's Land, penned by Jack Caddigan with music by James A. Brennan.. The song was written as a tribute to the work of Red Cross nurses who served during the First World War, often under dangerous conditions.

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Sep 08, 2014 · During World War I, No Man’s Land was both an actual and a metaphorical space. It separated the front lines of the opposing armies and was perhaps the only location where enemy troops could meet without hostility.

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Jun 23, 2015 · The Battle of Verdun, which claimed more than 300,000 lives over the course of 10 months, has left behind a lasting scar across the landscape where the battle once raged.

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If you crossed “no man's land” the long-range rifles made movement in no mans land almost impossible. The reason this was impossible is because the bullets would shoot further distances and the soldiers would have no protection in between the trenches. Most soldiers were forced to cross “no man's land” to advance in enemy positions.

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No Man’s Land is a term used to this date in order to ‘colloquially’ indicate ‘anywhere from derelict inner-city areas to spaces between borders, and even tax havens’ (Caffrey 2015; citing Pinketon). In essence, it is ‘a place where there has been an intentional withdrawal of state power state power and sovereignty’ (Caffrey 2015; citing Pinketon).The term “No Man’s Land” did not come into existence during the First World War. Rather, not only was it already present in the English medieval er...

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No-man's Land. The area in between opposing trenches in Trench Warfare. ... Test Answers 1/13/16 (WW1 Test Review) 46 Terms. AnnoyingPig. Chapter16 War and Revolution 20 Terms. Aliciabrill. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. AP World History Chapter 10 50 Terms. Becroy. Ap World History Chapter 9 45 Terms. Becroy. AP World History Chapter 8 45 Terms ...

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No Man's Land- The area in between the two opposing trench networks. The fighting usually takes place in No Man's Land. This area belongs to neither alliance, and cannot be gained in war. The size of No Man's Land can range from Two-Hundred to One-Thousand yards. Stalemate- A situation in which neither side can win a clear victory.

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Encyclopedia - No Man's Land. Most commonly associated with the First World War the phrase "no man's land" actually dates back until at least the 14th century. Its meaning was clear to all sides: no man's land represented the area of ground between opposing armies - in this case, between trenches.

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No Man's Land: Bodies and Technology in The First World War. ©1995 Eric Rodenbeck. contact: [email protected] The term "no man's land" came into use during World War I to describe the zones of fiercest fighting between Germany and the Allies. Literally uninhabitable for unhuman beings, these

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No-man's land is an area of land that is not owned or controlled by anyone, for example the area of land between two opposing armies. In Tobruk, leading a patrol in no-man's land, he was blown up by a mortar bomb. 2. singular noun If you refer to a situation as a no-man's land between different ...

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6 synonyms of no-man's-land from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 11 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for no-man's-land. No-man's-land: land that is …

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Nov 20, 2019 · Some soldiers used this short-lived ceasefire for a more somber task: the retrieval of the bodies of fellow combatants who had fallen within the no-man’s land between the lines.

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"No Man's Land" represented the area of ground between opposing armies - in this case, between trenches. "No man's land" was dangerous because if you were to cross the parapet into "no man's land" you'd face the risk of being targeted and hit by and enemy sniper.

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No man's land is land that is not part of any country. More precisely, it is an area that is under dispute and not occupied because of fear or uncertainty. During war (especially World War I), it is a term used for the area of land between two enemy trenches.. Related pages. Terra nullius

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a common battle strategy during trench warfare was to charge over the top of the trench, and run across no man's land toward the enemy. This isn't "strategy," it's not even tactics; the frontline consisted of trenches, and suffice to say you needed to leave them to attack!

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original definition. No Man's Land has more than this definition and the term predates WWI. The term could mean: An unclaimed or unowned piece of land; a wasteland. Land under dispute by two opposing parties; especially, the field of battle between two opposing entrenched armies.

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Nov 14, 2015 · Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions. This time we tell you how the barbed wire was laid in No Man's Land and what fate Luxembourg had in World War 1.

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In trench warfare, the two sides fighting each other dug trenches in a battlefield. These trenches had many different parts, such as places for sleeping, for headquarters, for storage, and for artillery and machine guns. Between the front trenches on a battlefield, was an area called "no man's land".

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Define no mans land. no mans land synonyms, no mans land pronunciation, no mans land translation, English dictionary definition of no mans land. n. 1. an area between warring armies that no one controls. 2. an area where guidelines and authority are not clear. 3. an unclaimed tract of usu. barren land

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Definition of no-man's-land. 1a : an area of unowned, unclaimed, or uninhabited land. b : an unoccupied area between opposing armies. c : an area not suitable or used for occupation or habitation downtown was a retailing no-man's-land.

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As for the dead in No Man's Land...they were left where they fell, except for when local burial truces were arranged. That was fairly rare--about the only major burial truce I can think of it was at Gallipoli in 1915, though I'm sure there were many other local truces arranged between smaller groups of soldiers.

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In world war 1 what was no mans land? The "No mans land" was the land between the trenches in which you'd likely be mowed down in a violent burst of machine gun fire or poison gas. Asked in World...

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no man's land. noun. an area between opposing armies, over which no control has been established. an unowned or unclaimed tract of usually barren land. an indefinite or ambiguous area where guidelines …

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Question: How long was no man's land in WWI? No Man's Land: A no man's land is an inhospitable space that is hostile to human existence. No man's lands can be natural or artificial.