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a horse isle 2 quest guide like no other. Esroh Helper is a Horse Isle Quest Guide run by Porcelain and BlueChocolate. We see both perspectives - the non-sub, and the subscriber. We believe that this could be the difference which distinguishes us from the other quest guides, which are mostly run by subbies. ...

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Horse . You completed Ice Sculpture #3! You earned $20,000 and 25 quest points. Ice Sculpture #4 (25qp) [Advanced] Wagon . You completed Ice Sculpture #4! You earned $20,000 and 25 quest points. Ice Sculpture #5 (25qp) [Advanced] Hare . You completed Ice …

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Horse Isle Helper Hey! Im Boylen. Or bo. call me whatever. I want to make a usful place for horse isle users. View my complete profile

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Twin Rivers Isle Q: You are in a field with 3 horses, Babe, Bob and Ben. Ben is standing on his back legs, Bob is standing on one more leg than Ben. Babe is standing normally.

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Horse Isle Help A great (if not small) quest guide brought to you by Canidae of Chestnut Server! Feel free to visit my website (see link below!). And if you don't want to search all the way through the blog, you may want to use the "Search blog" tool below! Search This Blog.

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Horse Isle-$4000 and 75 quest points. To start the quest, visit Greig in Tail forest. He will ask you to find his glasses. To find them, go exactly northeast of his house to a cotton patch. Then stand in the very middle of it and use your search tool. Then, when you have found them, go …

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Where are HorseIsle 2 quest guides? Wiki User 2010-09-20 03:19:47. There are several. They are scattered all over. Esroh Legends and Horse Isle Helper are two. Related Questions.

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Horse Isle 2 Help! The Helper to the horse islers :) Subscribe To. Posts All Comments Followers. About Horse Isle. NightWorld View my complete profile. No posts. No posts. Home. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Pages. Home; Horse Isle: Secert Land Of the Horses. ...

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Horse Isle may be played completely FREE. There are benefits for subscribing ($5/month or $40/year) detailed below. The main goal of these benefits is to limit game money transfering from a non-subscriber to a subscriber. This prevents cheating and makes it more fair for honest players. Subscription Benefits:

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Mar 08, 2009 · There are many horse isle help websites out there. Just go to google and type in horse isle helper- there are some nice sites that will come up- good luck! 0 0 0

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Jul 16, 2008 · Horse Isle Helpers Wednesday, July 16, 2008. Complete Map of Isle. KEY: Isle names in white=Main isle. Isle names in black=Unknown isles (Some Unknown isles have names. Isle Names is Grey= Isles that require quest awards. ... Horse Isle Helper Hey! Im Boylen. Or bo. call me whatever. I want to make a usful place for horse isle users.

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4.A.2 Drawing in Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs: The Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs drawing system might take a bit of getting used to, but you'll find it well worth the effort. Here are the steps you'll need to master: Choose a color. There are 256 possible colors for you to use, and you choose them by moving the color sliders up and down.

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Horse Isle. What site is the best horseisle helper? Wiki User 2009-08-14 06:12:24. www.helponhorseisle.weebly.com. Related Questions. Asked in Horse Isle

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Horse Isle 2 help for quests, mini games and other information. Horse Isle 2 Help. Search this site. Horse Isle 2 Help. At the General Store. Awards. Horse Isle 2 Help Forum. The Esroh's. Words Worth Cave. Anouncements. I'm Back. New This week 12/17/16. Bonuses. Crafting. ...

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Welcome to Esroh Legends, the #1 Horse Isle 2 help site! Esroh Legends is your one-stop guide for all quests, minigames, guides, horses, and so much more! We recommend using Chrome or Firefox when browsing Esroh Legends to avoid website problems.

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Need quest help for Horse Isle 2 - Legend of the Esrohs? Look no further than Esroh Helper.

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A large multiplayer online horse world where players can capture, train, care for and compete their horses against other players. A very unique, safe, educational, and fun horse game. The Lands of Horse Isle: HI2-The Legend of the Esrohs Eternal and LifeCycle Servers

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1] A Horse Isle Moderator is someone who is enabled to enforce the rules of Horse Isle - someone who mediates disputes and attempts to avoid conflict. 2] Players cannot ask to become a moderator, the site Admins will look for helpful players meeting requirements on their own.

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The Esrohs are a fabled clan of ancient, intelligent horses that live on various isles in Horse Isle 2. They have iridescent black coats with manes ranging from scarlet to purple that separate them from normal horse breeds. There are 12 Esrohs in the game. Each Esroh is named after a specific Greek god/goddess and displays attributes pertaining ...

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Horse Isle Help. AM - American Mustang. Andy - Andalusian. ASH- Australian Stock Horse. TB - Thoroughbred. TSG - Tack Shop Giveaway. PO - Pawneer Order. NFP - New Forest Pony. NSH - National Show Horse. Newfie - New Founland pony. QH - Quarter Horse. w/c - Who Can? or Wrong Chat. lmbo - *laughing my bottom off*

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Horse Isle Vianca can be located in Treeton. Here are the answers to her quiz: 1. Purple 2. Joe and Miranda 3. Trim 4. Speed and Endurance 5. Making sure everyone plays nicely by the rules 6. Library 7. Anywhere but in towns and on Cloud Isle 8. All of the above 9. Pirate 10. Intelligence

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Horse Isle Help! Saturday, September 29, 2012. Back! Hey guys, ... Marisole wants to be friends with a horse on Paradise Isle. She needs 5 daisy hay bales and 5 bags of honey oats. If you feel brave, you can craft the daisy hay and honey oats in Carrotton on Hare Isle. It takes 10 bunches of daisies and 1 hay bale for EACH daisy hay, while ...